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Spring Diffuser Blends

I'm anxiously awaiting the warmth of Spring's arrival here in Chicago. Click this image to see the blog post and recipes that will warm you like May sunshine!

spring blends

I hope you are getting the most out of your essential oils and learning their therapeutic applications. Please forward this blog to your friends interested in learning. There are so many great classes being offered, and I value your referral and recommendation so your friends know that time spent in my classroom is always a valuable investment. You know I'm passionate about teaching, and I need your help to let people know about the opportunities coming up.

Everyone has a friend or neighbor with fur-family and legitimate concerns about using and diffusing oils, especially around cats and other pets. Join us in Winfield, IL at Rivendell Veterinary and Chiropractic May 12th to meet integrative veterinarian Dr. Dena Jersild, DVM. I credit Dr. Dena for giving my dog 2 extra years of quality life, when his options didn't look so good. She expertly applies the best of Eastern and Western Vet Medicine to holistically serve our animals.

In addition, Young Living Diamond and Animal Care Expert, Sherry LaMarche will teach us the best ways to care for large and small animals with essential oils and nutrition. I'll be introducing the basics of Young Living Essential Oils and offering an opportunity to sample commonly used oils. The Zyto Compass Scanner will also be available for anyone wishing to have the system suggest products based upon your energy biomarkers. Save 50% on the workshop by registering by April 20th!

As always, thank you for sharing this newsletter with others who wish to learn how to benefit from Young Living Essential Oils. Your referrals are the greatest compliment I can receive.

Fragrant blessings,

Rev. Nancy Gouch, BCRS, CAC, LCCI, LSH

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