Oils, Auras and Your Energy Field  


Presented by

Kimberly Beck, O.M.C. C.Ht


Saturday, November 10th

        1:30 – 3:00 p.m.


Unity of Fox Valley Church   

230 Webster St., Batavia


How would you like to create more financial abundance in your life? 


Have greater states of health and wellness? 


Learn how our personal beliefs and thoughts affect the outcome of goals.  Witness the Power of Prayer in motion.  See the effect of anointing with oil.

Our beliefs and words affect our energy and make a profound difference in everything we create.

Using an Aura Camera, you’ll see the personal aura, and its’ impact from differing frequencies of thoughts, prayers, words and essential oils. 


You’ll not only feel the influence of the varying vibrational fields introduced in the workshop, you’ll see the evidence with a Polaroid photo.

You’ll learn how the microcosm (you) affects the macrocosm (whole) and how you can consciously create the holistic life of wellness you desire.

Suggested love offering: $15 to be received at program conclusion.  Reserve your seat now so we can plan space for you.

Limited personal aura photos and readings will be available Saturday from

Noon – 4:30 at Unity of Fox Valley in Batavia.  


Sunday, Nov. 11th limited readings will be available in my Wheaton home from

Noon – 5pm.  $35 for photo and 20 minute reading.  Reserve a spot online now

My address will be sent in your email confirmation.

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